3 Ways to Display Tulips

April 13, 2019

3 Ways to Display Tulips

Bunching Tulips in a Leaf-Wrapped Vase

  • Using a standard mid size glass vase, line the inside with banana leaves folding each leave over the rim of the vase
  • Trim stems of tulips on a slant to fit, creating two bunches.
  • Tip: cutting tulips on a slant allows tulips to absorb the water better.


Cascade of Parrots

  • Purchase parrot tulips — these are different because of their feather-like petals.
  • Bunch your tulips in your hand, measuring how far you want them to cascade over your low round vase. Keep in mind the tulips will naturally drop a bit themselves.
  • Trim your tulips to size and wrap in twin for added security


Tulip Flutes

  • Use tall flute vases for this arrangement. This is important because the height actually holds the tulips in place.
  • Pour approx. 2 cups of water into each vase. 
  • Measure each tulip by eye by placing them next to the flutes. You want them to land in a tiered height after trimming.
  • Trim accordingly to different heights.
  • Strategically place three simple tulips in the flutes. Start with the shortest one to highest.