Create a Little Magic

July 26, 2019

Create a Little Magic

You’ll Need: 



Fabric stiffer or mod podge

Plastic wrap

Elastic band

Container or bucket

Twinkle Lights


Pencil with rubber eraser

Twine Sphere Lights


  • Blow up balloon to desired size (note: not to its max capacity or it will shape like a pear rather than a sphere)
  • Cover entire balloon with plastic wrap
  • Secure plastic wrap onto the neck of the balloon with an elastic band. Do so loosely so easily removed when dry.
  • Once the elastic band is secured, tie a loop knot to the neck of the balloon and start wrapping the twine moving in all directions. (Note: make sure there are no large gaps left.)
  • Submerge balloon in a bucket or large container. 
  • Pour the fabric stiffing liquid (or mod podge) all over the sphere making sure it saturates every part of the balloon. Rotate the sphere as you pour the fluid to cover evenly.
  • Hang the sphere and place bucket underneath to catch liquid drips as it dries.
  • Let the sphere dry for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Poke your balloon by using a needle to allow the air to come out slowly. 
  • Use the eraser side of a pencil to help the wrapping un-stick from the twine if necessary.
  • Remove the wrapping, balloon and anything else that may be trapped inside the balloon.
  • Insert a short string of clear (or colored) battery operated lights inside the sphere.

There are lots of ways to display the spheres and show off your crafty side. Hang the spheres from an umbrella to create a chandelier, place the spheres in clusters (3 or 5) down the middle of a table or simply pile them in a bowl. See some of our favourite inspirations below.  

Get creative, have fun and make sure you share the final outcome with us. Tag us on social media by using the Instagram handle @stevenandchris or fb @stevensabados or by using the #StevenSabados #DIYwithSteven