07/17/2018 | featured

Creative Outdoor Living

Set the stage for a cozy evening outside with these simple DIY lighting ideas.

Battery Powered Fairy Lights in Glass Lanterns

Suspend battery-powered fairy lights in glass orbs for an effect that’s as simple as it is magical. Requiring no wiring, these lights can be suspended from tree branches or hung under the eaves of your house. They’re lightweight, whimsical, captivating and easy to install.

Moroccan Inspired Lantern Step Lighting

Moroccan inspired tea light lanterns add an exotic touch to any backyard or deck. Place the tea lights in taller glass jars to keep the evening breeze from blowing them out!

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason jars couldn’t be more versatile, around the home or in the garden. Here, tied with simple string, they become rustic hanging candle holders along a wooden fence line.

Charmingly Rustic Minimalistic String Lights

Less is often more, and a minimalist single string of open bulbs centered over a picnic table is a charmingly rustic solution to lighting up an outdoor dinner. Here the lights are quickly and easily strung between two slim tree trucks anchored in solid non-tip bases at each end of the table. It’s functional and funky.

Tree Trunks Wrapped in String Lights

Wrapping selected tree trunks in miniature white string lights is a decorative way to illuminate your back yard. Placing light at or slightly below eye level magnifies the effect. For special holidays like the Canada Day or Halloween, add a string or two of colored lights!

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