DIY Apron

June 15, 2018

DIY Apron

What you need:


How to Make:

Step 1: Pre­wash and iron apron

Step 2: Position the stencils where you would like the wording to go on the apron. Lightly trace the letters onto the apron.

Father's Day Apron |

DIY Apron for Father's Day |

Fill the letters with a fabric marker.

DIY Apron for Father's Day |

Step 3: Fill the plastic cups with each color you will be using. Start by painting on a layer of the fabric paint to your child’s hand. You can do two colors at a time if you like, just paint each hand a different color.

Father's Day Apron DIY |

Step 4: Once you have a nice thick layer of paint on your child's hand, have your child press firmly onto the apron. Repeat with each color and each handprint.

DIY Apron for Father's Day |

Apron for father's Day |

Tip: I found it easier to paint the hand rather than dip the hand onto a paper plate. When my kids dipped their hands the paint was too thick and the handprints were difficult to make out.

Allow the apron to dry. Make sure to turn the apron over and iron to “heat” set the paint before washing.