DIY Garden Markers

April 11, 2018

DIY Garden Markers

These cute and inexpensive garden markers are the perfect touch for this year’s veg or herb garden. They also make a great mother’s day gift and are easy enough to do with young kids!

What you’ll need:

Wooden kitchen spoons (local dollar store)

Patio acrylic paint (assorted colours) (local hardware or art supply store)

Foam brushes (local dollar store)

Sharpie paint pens, (black and green) (local dollar store)



Step 1: Lay out plastic tablecloth to protect working surface craft table.

Step 2: Put the Patio Paint on a large paper plates.  

Step 3: Using foam brushes, paint the heads (front, back and edges) of the wooden spoons.

Step 4: Let dry overnight

Step 5: Use Sharpies to draw images and names on each spoon

Step 6: They are ready to go when your garden is ready!