Elegant Backsplash

November 13, 2020

Elegant Backsplash

Looking for some help regarding backsplash for our kitchen. Originally we were thinking of a SPLASH of colour behind the stove but we have no idea what colours to use for overall tiles. All appliances are stainless steel with pop of colour in the blender and toaster.... any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Corina, Toronto, ON

Hi Corina,

You have designed a lovely kitchen. For the backsplash I love the look of a marble tile in a chevron pattern ( a bit pricey, however its timeless and elegant) This will add some visual texture to the backsplash and allow you to change up the colours in the kitchen through appliances and decor. You could also add a bit of pattern to the area above the cooktop with an insert of patterned tiles in the same colour scheme . Again this would only add some monochromatic pattern , but not limit you on a colour scheme.