Floral Arrangement

July 13, 2018

Floral Arrangement

What You Need :

  1. 5 " square container -  You could use just about any square (or round if you prefer) container that is about 5" in diameter. 
  2. Floral Foam (For Wet Arrangements) You can get this at most craft supply stores.
  1. Floral Clippers
  2. Flowers

{STEP 1}

Add Saturated Floral Foam to Your Container

The very first thing to do is soak your floral foam in water until it is saturated.  Once it is soaked through, cut it using a knife and fit it inside your container.  You can use a few different pieces to fill the container in completely.  The foam should be just below the top of the container.

{STEP 2}

Insert the Greens to Create a Base

Begin with the eucalyptus (or whatever greens you chose).  Insert the stems into the floral foam beginning at edges and letting the leaves droop down .  Continue around the perimeter of the container and then add a few stems in the center.  The goal is to create a base of greenery for your flowers.

{STEP 3}

Insert Your Flowers

Once you have your base, begin adding the largest flowers. With this arrangement we started with the roses.  Cut the stems 5"-7" long and removed all of the leaves. Insert the roses at an angle into the foam. Note: To get the shape right, it is important to get the perimeter rose heads angled sideways, rather than straight. Continue filling in the roses at different angles, but leave space in-between them for other flowers. We used a total of fifteen roses for this arrangement, but you could easily use only a dozen. Once all of the roses are placed, insert a few sprigs of Queen Anne's lace in the open spaces (or flower of your choice).