Get a modern floral bedroom with these simple tips

April 03, 2017

Get a modern floral bedroom with these simple tips

Florals are very hot in home decor right now, but it doesn't mean the whole room needs to be feminine, frilly and over-the-top! Steven showed us how to modernize what we usually think of when we think "floral" room. Here are some simple tips to get the look.
Go for beautiful bedding
It's so easy to design a room around gorgeous bedding because of the colour palette. The trick is to keep oversized patterns limited – this keeps it from overpowering the room.
Add interest with a wall installation
Steven was inspired by beautiful bedding and wanted to do something different for a bedroom wall. This is an easy, inexpensive DIY using trellis from the hardware store and is reminiscent of a flower garden.

We trimmed out the lattice in 4" flatstock. Then, we simply attached it to the wall with a nail gun. This wall installation was under $100 and it adds dimension and interest to the room!

Repetition is key
Repetition is the simplest way to introduce order, interest and focus. It helps lead the eye through a room. Here, the light fixture from the S&C Collection mirrors the trellis pattern on the wall. Lighting is one of the most important factors in affecting the mood of people, so don't forget the dimmers!

Focus on the blues
Add some blues! From navy to brilliant blues to electric turquoise – they all work well together. Incorporate a variety of blues in contrast to a fresh crisp white elements to give the room a happy upbeat feel. Because there are so many colours in this pretty floral bedding, we pulled out our favourite to serve as the colour to anchor the room. A blue velvet chaise from Peloso Alexander Interiors adds a sense of comfort and luxury. We also love this Second Life rug from Elte that has been stripped of original colours and over-dyed, making each rug a one-of-a-kind piece and adding some more blue to our floral room.

Incorporate hits of white
These white high gloss night stands from Casalife double as dressers and add some crisp, fresh elements to the room.

Don't forget the artwork
Instead of hanging art on the wall – which would have made it too busy – we placed it on an oversized easel. It's an interesting way to display art and easels are now readily available for large art and even TVs.