Low Key-Home Hacks

March 09, 2018

Low Key-Home Hacks

Low-key home hacks that will instantly improve your design scheme

Steven Sabados shows off quick and easy tricks to spruce up your décor.

There are so many hacks out there to help you make your life more practical, making it easier to tidy up that closet, or even pack for your next vacation. And while we're on board with any and all tips to make life a little simpler, many of us still struggle when it comes to making our homes look their best. So obviously, for ingenious and cost-effective decor hacks, we turned to designer extraordinaire, Steven Sabados. Thankfully for us, he put together these really simple (and brilliant) ways to transform any living space.

Art on a hinge

If you've got unsightly but necessary panels on your wall, Steven has the answer. Simply hang your art up with a hinge, instead of a nail. This is a great idea to hide unsightly panels or thermostats in your living spaces – plus, it prevents these annoying placements from dictating where your artwork lives. And it's so simple!​

Framed fabric or wallpaper as art

There are so many fresh and interesting fabric or wallpaper patterns out there right now, but it can be pricey to incorporate them into your home without breaking the bank. Instead, try hanging a small square of your favourite print in a small shadow box. It's a great way to enjoy pretty pattern at the fraction of the cost of reupholstering or wallpapering an entire room. Steven suggests picking a paper or fabric with lots of colour and dimension.

Crooked frame fix

Use poster putty or butyl tape to straighten out your crooked frames and keep them steady if they're bumped into. Just place a little in the bottom corners on the back of your frame, hang it, and then give the frame a little push against the wall. This makes it easier to hang multiple frames together in clean straight lines and they'll (finally!) stay that way. After all, we're huge fans of a well-orchestrated gallery wall!

Marble without the pricetag

Marble contact paper is a brilliant home hack – a simple and inexpensive buy, it gets the look one of the trendiest patterns without you having to pay the price. Just cover the top of a table in need of some TLC with marble contact paper. You can buy it at most big box stores and  even some dollar stores. Just keep in mind that you're restricted to the width of the paper, so opt for wider rolls if your project calls for them. Steven transformed a plain old desk into a stunning (and glam!) statement piece with some contact paper and a little white paint.

Wainscoting for less

For traditional wainscoting, tongue and groove beadboard is slotted slots together, nailed to the wall and then painted. As Steven pointed out, the downside is that this costs about $15 a square foot, uninstalled. Thankfully, you can find premade beadboard for only about $1 a square foot. It's a great way to add architectural interest to a home without breaking the bank. These sheets are available at most hardware and home reno stores and they're simple enough to install on your own.

Recline in style

When you think recliner, you probably think overstuffed, oversized and most likely, ugly. But Steven swears recliners don't have to be this way! This one from the S&C line is compact, attractive and streamlined – and definitely doesn't look like your average recliner. The best part is that it fully reclines, making it super comfortable but still stylish