Make an Entrance

November 16, 2018

Make an Entrance

Create a spectacular wreath for your entry door.

Vintage Window Frame Wreath

Materials wire cutters greenery florist wire sprigs of seasonal accents ribbon

old window frame


  1. Bundle greenery and sprigs, wire together at one end.
  2. Add hook to the top of your window frame.
  3. Hang bundle from the hook.
  4. Finish it off by wiring a large burlap bow or ribbon.


Rustic Wreath

Materials wire cutters grapevine wreath hot-glue gun wire

large bundle of  your favourite greenery (artificial or real) decorative accents (pine cones, bells, bird house etc.) ribbon


  1. Hot glue greenery on one side of the grapevine wreath leaving the other half exposed.
  2. Use wire to secure the greenery to the wreath.
  3. Wire or hot glue additional accents such as bells, pine cones etc.
  4. Wire a bow for added charm


Elegant Wreath

Materials wire cutters grapevine wreath hot-glue gun wire bough of magnolia leaves or olive branches (as shown) ribbon


  1. Hot glue boughs around the grapevine wreath. For extra security wire the boughs to the wreath
  2. Cut ribbon to desired length allowing extra ribbon to hang the wreath
  3. Tie ribbon around the wreath and create a bow at the top and hang from the hanger.


Birds on a Wire Wreath

Materials cedar garland wire tree branch rope bird ornaments hot-glue gun pine cones artificial flowers burlap bow


  1. Unwind cedar garland and re-roll to desired size.
  2. Use wire to secure garland pieces together. (We used two full-length garland bundles to create this wreath.)
  3. Find a discarded twig and use rope to create bird swing. You may need to wrap rope around branch a number of times to keep it secure.
  4. Glue two bird ornaments to branch and secure swing to top of wreath so it hangs in the middle.
  5. Adorn top of wreath with pine cones and artificial flowers. For added interest, finish it off with a burlap bow!

Birds on a Wire Wreath


Macrame Wreath

Materials: 14’’ macramé hoop

Super thick yarn (20 pieces)


Gold wire


Wood beads

Gold paint



Wire cutters

Instructions: 1. Cut yarn to 4½ foot lengths. Fold the yarn pieces and slipknot each piece of yarn around the macramé hoop (see image). Repeat 20 times.

  1. Use tapestry needle to thread gold-painted wooden beads up single yarn strands randomly to make your design. Gather small spruce branches, cedar and berries. Use wire to bundle together, in a soft organic shape.
  2. Use an additional piece of wire to twist and attach branches and berries to macramé hoop. Trim yarn in a V shape for a modern design. Create a 6“ hanging loop with multiple strands of the yarn, tie and knot.
  3. Hang wreath to the wall or front door

Macrame Wreath