Go Bold with Colour

February 06, 2018

Go Bold with Colour

We're used to seeing bright, bold fabrics, but this trend is all about mixing multiple colours. The piece to the left touches on the embroidery and adornment trend, but it's done in multiple colours. Printed pieces are an easier way to get multiple colours in one fabric. This design uses textiles to incorporate shades of Ultra Violet, the most popular colour this season.
(Credit: Anna Burke Interiors)

The bathroom and kitchen are often the last place we think of for textiles, but these places could actually be the easiest place to incorporate them. If you're feeling crafty you can even make your own shower curtain out of a simple panel of fabric and adding a grommeted top. The designers who made this bathroom come to life even created a matching roman blind using the same fabric as the shower curtain, but blinds can be tough to tackle so Steven recommends hiring a professional to help get the look at home.

(Credit: Alexa Hampton)

If you can't find pillows with all the colours in one fabric, mix them up. This room is relatively neutral, but the mix of colours in the pillows really brings the space to life. Throw pillows are always the easiest way to incorporate trending textiles and are easy to switch out as trends change.

Article Courtesy of CBC The Goods