Picnic Perfection

August 23, 2019

Picnic Perfection

Picnics don’t have to be “plastic table cloths and stale sandwiches”. Here’s a simple list to plan the perfect romantic evening.

What you’ll need:

Cozy blanket and pillows
Optfor real (not plastic) plates, cutlery and glassware. The reusable materials will elevate your experience and it’s better for the environment.
Nothing beats a charcuterie board featuring meats, cheeses, fruit and crackers. (shop your local farmers market for the freshest ingredients)
French baguette paired with a quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar or sweet honey
Chilled champagne or wine
Tealights in a mason jar and a lighter (to set the mood)
Don’t forget the H20
Wicker basket to hold your tasty treats


Enjoy with favourite friends or a special someone.