Shoe News

February 15, 2018

Shoe News

Balenciaga embraces platform crocs. Available in two colours, pink and toast, the foam shoes can be customized by attaching pins to the shoe’s famed perforations. Available at Barneys in NYC for $850, sadly they are currently SOLD OUT so set a google alert to let you know when they’re back in stock.

Designer Shangguan Zhe has graced the sneaker world with a ‘shoe for shoes’.

The sneaker protector is a combination galosh and sandal. It was unveiled in Paris as part of the brand’s men’s fall 2018 collection.

Shoe manufacturer Nat-2 has launched an innovative, semi transparent rain boot made from real corn. The corn used cannot be used for food so it is recycled into an alternative material to plastic or vinyl.


Kenton Lee, founder of the shoe that grows, was living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. He noticed children wearing shoes either too small or going barefoot, making children vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that cause illness and even death. Lee set out to design a shoe that could adjust and expand as the child grows.


The Iguaneye is a 2-part rubber sole that perfectly conforms to the contours of your feet

Inspired by Amazonian Indians that used to dip their feet in the liquid rubber from trees to protect them, the Iguaneye is a rubber sole with an anatomic form,  custom-made to provide a supportive, secure and extremely comfortable fit. Unlike flip-flops, the piece that parts the toes is placed 1 cm ahead and just like a second-skin, it perfectly fits all your movements to not cause irritation.