This years “Hottest Hue”

March 09, 2018

This years “Hottest Hue”

Ultra Violet is ultra popular, and we want to eat, sleep and breathe this year's hottest hue

How to incorporate the colour of the year into all aspects of your life


We've seen purple working its way into the spotlight for a couple of seasons now, but late last year, Pantone kick-started a veritable purple craze by proclaiming Ultra Violet its Color of the Year. And from runways to our favourite decor stores, shades of purple seem to be popping up everywhere. From electric plum to sweet lilac, millennial pink may have some serious competition because purple is proving very easy to shop – whether it be clothing, kitchenware, or even lipstick. With this in mind, here's a round-up of where this regal colour can be seen, and how we can all be incorporating a little (or a lot) of this powerful hue into our lives.


Amethyst, a semi-precious stone, is a super simple, and rather elegant way to embrace this purple trend. Look for geodes and gems and even home accents featuring these stones, as they become more and more popular. This gorgeous colour can be spiritual, calming, and grounding so an amethyst can set a great mood in any room, big or small.

The power of purple can also be found in lavender. A popular pick in the aromatherapy world, it is said to reduce anxiety and emotional stress, improve brain function, can improve sleep and even acts as a natural bug repellent, so it is the perfect thing to bring on a trip. Try popping a lavender sachet in your drawers with your clothing, or in your closets at home, or even on your bedside table. A few sachets inside your suitcases to keep them smelling fresh between trips, too.

Wear it


The recent Fashion Week runways proved that purple is having a serious moment in style right now. But you don't need to reach for designer ensembles to work this colour into your wardrobe. Ultra Violet pairs well with red; dress it up with black trousers for work, or go a little more casual with denim. This sweater is a steal from H&M for $20, and it looks super cute paired with a printed blouse underneath. The blouse plays with idea of Ultra Violet, but it still works for anyone who might think that purple isn't their strongest colour. Affordable and versatile pieces like this are great if you're thinking about investing in a print that incorporates the colour without your outfit screaming 'on trend' — or investing in a pricier piece.


If you're not fully ready to commit, add a pop of this trendy tone with accessories. As we all know, accessories can seriously elevate any outfit, and these purple ones add a regal touch. Opt for purple pumps, or try incorporating the colour into a tote as an everyday bag.


Maybe your work outfit doesn't allow for much fashionable wiggle room, but you can definitely incorporate this colour into your workout wear, where many of us are more willing to invest in bold and fun pieces. This backpack made by Fjallraven is made from heavy duty eco friendly materials. Pair it with matching headphones, a yoga mat, and a water bottle to stay hydrated, and you'll look ultra cool while sweating it out. If you're looking to make more of an investment in the hue, opt for these knit sneakers from Nike and see how far purple will push you.

Instead of adding purple pieces in your wardrobe, you can add a little purple to your beauty routine instead. Found in almost every beauty brand's line this season, it's a fun and inexpensive way to add a playful pop of purple.

And if you're not quite ready for purple lips, a bottle of nail polish is an easy way to rock this year's hottest hue.


Add it to your home



This impactful colour is one of Steven Sabados' picks for the hottest decor trends of 2018. And while it's dominating the runways, Ultra Violet is encouraging us to consider decorating our homes with any and all shades of purple. Small pieces like pillows or flowers are an easy way to find a shade that works for you. Switch out a desk chair or dining chairs with a chair like this piece from South Hill Home. Purple can be worked into existing decor as a neutral, and the raisin colour of the chair shows how you can get the look without being too over the top.

Take it around the world


Maybe it's time to ditch the boring old black suitcase and choose something that will help you stand out from the crowd on the carousel. This vibrant RIMOWA suitcase in a great shade of purple will definitely help get you from A to B in style.

Indulge in it


A centrepiece with purple foods like red onion, eggplant and purple cabbage can help make your table an inexpensive, yet trendy treat for the eyes... and you can cook it later!

 When it comes to kitchen accessories there are various ways to incorporate this hue. A rather approachable, and lower commitment way is to opt for inexpensive countertop accessories such as a salt and pepper grinder, or decorative bowls. If you're really ready to embrace purple, you can even invest in kitchen appliances or cookware, such as stand mixers or food processors. This espresso maker from is a great way to add an on-trend piece to your kitchen, and get your morning caffeine!

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Wear it


Hair Dye

  • LÒreal Colo Rista in shade Purple 400
  • Manic Panic in UltraViolet Shade

Nail Polish 

  • Essie All Access Pass
  • LÒreal Royalty Reinvented
  • Sally Hansen Salon Fe Fi Fo Plum 495


Lip gloss

  • NYX Slip Tease Full Colour Lip Oil
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamoured Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss, 358 Boys Don't Cry


Add it to your home

Take it around the world

​Indulge in it