Water Colour Napkins

May 10, 2018

Water Colour Napkins

Surprise Mom with a set of gorgeous water colour dinner napkins.

Here's what you need:

Fabric paint

Paint brushes


White cloth napkins (one per setting)

Shallow bowl or cup

Watercolour paper




Watercolour paint palette

Gold water-based pen


Here's how to do it: Napkins

Soak napkin in water and wring out making sure the napkin is damp and not drenched.  

Lay flat on newspaper.  

Add water and paint to a shallow bowl or cup. For this project, use 1 part fabric paint to 3-4 parts water.  

Stir your mixture and begin painting your napkin. Depending on the look you want, your strokes and application will be different.  

Let dry for 2-4 hours and then iron to remove wrinkles.  


For our more adventurous followers, add some gorgeous place cards. 

Here's how to do it: Place Cards

Using your watercolour paper, cut to desired shape, length and style. Make sure to use a pencil and ruler to draw out your shapes so each card is symmetrical and even.  

Fill cup with water and get your watercolour paint palette out.  

Create desired washes and patterns on your watercolour paper. Note: Less is more!  

Let cards dry for 2-4 hours before writing on them.  

Once completely dry use your gold pen to write desired names.  

Assemble both pieces and style in desired fashion.