Important Note to Shoppers

S&C Custom Upholstery is featured on the site but is not available for on line purchase.

However upholstery can be purchased at retail stores throughout Canada and parts of the US please click on the "Retail Locater" below to find the retail store nearest your location.

Retail Locater:  http://www.decor-rest.com/retailers

CELENE Upholstery Collection

The S&C CELENE sofa features long, lean lines with unique leg detail. The sofa’s simplicity allows it to fit into almost any interior design plan.

Fabric Selection and Pricing 

The custom upholstery options cover a wide assortment of fabrics. Pricing  varies depending on the selected material. See your local retailer for details.


Sofa: 85" L x 39" D x 36" H

Condo Sofa: 76" L x 39" D x 36" H

Loveseat: 61" L x 39" D x 36" H

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Exclusively Sold In Select Showrooms

S&C Custom Upholstery

Each custom upholstery series is made in North America by our outstanding partner Decor-Rest Furniture.  Watch the video below to learn more about the S&C Custom Upholstery Collection.