About: Chris Hyndman

Christopher Hyndman was born in Ottawa, Ontario and raised in the natural beauty of Newfoundland. Christopher saw beauty everywhere; the perfume of the sea air, the cut of a suit, the construction of a Louboutin heel and the harmony of a well designed room.

Chris met Steven in Toronto where they were making their way in the art and design world. In 1992 they established The Sabados Group and quickly rose to success in print and television media. Christopher's charm, curiosity, wicked wit and dazzling smile lit up rooms and elevated heavy hearts. Their CBC lifestyle show, Steven and Chris was incredibly successful and held the number one daytime slot year after year.

Sadly, Christopher passed away on August 3, 2015. As a tribute to his life and creative passion Steven has since rebuilt the S&C design team and relaunched the brand.

Christopher’s appreciation for beauty is never forgotten and continues to influence every S&C product design.