The S&C Collection

The S&C philosophy of "keeping design fresh and modern, with a nod to the classics" is embodied in all S&C product.

The renown S&C team combine fabulous design, easy comfort and great quality to bring you product that's designed for who you are and how you live!


Decor Rest

From the beginning S&C has been proud to have Decor-Rest as a partner. Committed to research, development and service, Decor-Rest delivers high quality S&C furniture with incredible attention to detail. Their pieces are the foundation of every fabulous space.

Residential Lighting


ARTCRAFT is built on a solid foundation of loyalty and integrity. Their attention to detail, appreciation for design and commitment to quality has allowed us to build a timeless residential lighting collection that has become a cornerstone of the S&C brand.

Bed and Bath Textiles

Springs Global

Springs Global is a multinational corporation specializing in home textiles for bed and bath. One of the original S&C product partners, Springs continues to produce a wide range of fresh and beautiful high quality S&C textiles.

Decorative Accessories


The Canfloyd development team remains dedicated to the S&C mission statement of sourcing fabulous decor collections to accessorize your home. Timeless clocks, trays, designer lanterns and toss pillows highlight some of the S&C top selling categories.

Area Rugs

Hellenic Rug Imports

Hellenic Rug Imports specializes in unique, quality and affordable area rugs from all over the world. The S&C collection boasts a wide range of options; from classic easy care rugs to special order ‘design it yourself’ options. Every one delivers timeless luxury to any space.