Multi Skull Apron


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Artist & Designer Steven Sabados has personally hand silkscreened a limited number of aprons. These aprons are all hand screened, which means that there may be some subtle differences in tone or colour between them.
Please follow the washing instructions and enjoy.

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Fill a clean sink or basin with lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of mild detergent such as Woolite, baby shampoo, or a gentle fabric-specific soap. Place the apron in the basin and swirl it around the soapy water for a minute or two. Remove the apron and empty the water. Refill the basin with fresh water and rinse the apron until thoroughly rinsed. Wringing the apron could do just as much damage as running it through the spin cycle.

 To squeeze excess water out of the apron without wringing it (which can and will distort its shape) lay a large towel on a flat surface and place your wet apron on top. Spread another large towel on top, so the apron is between the two towels. Roll both towels from the top down, folding the apron with them into a sausage shape. Press down on the roll to release excess water and unroll. Lay the apron to air dry on a flat surface, or on a garment hanger.

Iron ONLY on the reverse side of the screen print on a medium setting.

Type: Scarf