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The S&C Story

Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman joined forces in 1992 to form their own design firm. Their fresh, modern design approach combined with their charismatic personalities soon caught the attention of the media and Steven and Chris became household names. The spring of 2007 marked the launch of S&C Home Décor. Beautifully crafted and affordable, the collections received rave reviews. Sadly we lost Christopher in the summer of 2015 but through Steven's passion for design and in tribute to Chris' memory, the S&C brand continues to grow and thrive.


The S&C Collection

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Steven Sabados

As a talented artist, photographer and designer, Steven's creative eye inspires his S&C product team to develop fresh approaches to classic design. Always on the hunt for special finishes and exceptional details, Steven never tires of creating fabulous pieces.

"I love the challenge of taking classic designs and transforming them into something fresh and modern while always respecting the timeless element."