DIY Halloween Decor

October 22, 2018

DIY Halloween Decor

Potion books, faux body parts and bugs
create a spooktacular Halloween Display!

Lawn Ghosts

Poke sharp wooden or metal garden stake into a head size styro foam craft ball. Stick them into the ground in a  circle. Drape a square of inexpensive lightweight white fabric or gauze over each ghost and tie the ends together for a fun  game of “Ring a Round the Rosie”.

 Meet Cousin IT!

Using a tomato cage and long pieces of raffia (or craft store hula skirts) create  your own  Cousin IT. Glue the raffia or hula skirts to the cage, add a top hat and sunglasses. You now have a perfect addition to your Halloween family!

A Library of Potions and Spells

Create a spooky library with your own spooky book covers. Cut and fold plain paper over an existing book. Use a computer or if you’re feeling ambitious hand write assorted creepy covers!