DIY Lego Wreath

December 18, 2019

DIY Lego Wreath

What you will need:

  • Frame from dollar store wreath
  • Red / White masking tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue gun sticks
  • Lego pieces (Purchase in bulk at your local value store)
  • Oversized bow 


Step one: 

Remove any material from inexpensive dollar store wreath so it exposes the plastic or metal frame. 

Step two:  Wrap 3" sections in red coloured tape

Step three: Continue to wrap frame with tape switching between red and white coloured tape.

Step four: 

Start glueing and layering the lego pieces onto the tape by colour corordinated sections. i.e., red pieces on red tape, white pieces on white tape. 

Step Five: 

Finish it off with an oversized bow by fascinating it around the wreath. Hand wherever desired

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