12/14/2018 | featured

DIY Skull Decor

Transform a plain white skull into a piece of art! Steven shares what can be done with everyday craft materials, glue and a little imagination!
Purchase the skull at or your local Halloween craft store.
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Go Disco - this glossy hot pink painted skull and POM POM afro have all the right moves.
How To :
  • Paint skull in high gloss acrylic paint – dry fully
  • Hot glue multi colour pom poms for the perfect 60’s afro
Sophisticated Skull - paper isn’t just for wrapping, Steven decoupaged this skull with Japanese rice paper.

How To:

  • Cut 2” square pieces of thin wrapping paper
  • Decoupage the entire skull (using Mod Podge glue), carefully layer paper squares until entire skull is covered
  • Let dry on a protected surface at least 24 hours.
Embrace NEON! The perfectly placed torn pieces of tape make this skull AWESOME
How To :
  • Tear small strips of neon tape in various colours
  • Use your imagination and apply tape wherever your creative juices take you
  • Great craft to do with your kids!

Textured twine and patience is the focus of this design.

How To

  • Hot glue textured twine in no particular pattern and create this great skull (Steven’s favourite)
  • Carefully add glue to the skull in swirling patterns then add the twine (by hand or with a nail file)
  • Steven finished it off by “dry brushing” white acrylic paint all over the skull then shade black paint to emphasize the shadowed areas such as the eyes and nostrils.
  • Be careful … glue guns are hot, use a rubber thimble on your fingers for protection, an oil dipped nail file also works.

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