Fabulous Textile Designers – Made in Canada!

November 23, 2017

Fabulous Textile Designers – Made in Canada!

Meet three very talented Canadian textile artisans.
Jenna Fenwick of Jenna Rose
Christina Obuch of Hatchet Made
Avril Loreti of Modern Home 
Meet Jenna Fenwick ………..the Jenna Rose textile studio was founded by designer Jenna Fenwick in 2006. Located in the countryside of eastern Ontario, she creates her hand printed and naturally dyed textiles using her surroundings and daily life as inspiration. 
Jenna draws each illustration and pattern by hand and screen prints the textiles in small runs using water based pigments on natural materials including organic cotton, linen, and hemp.
Shop the Jenna Rose textile line at the upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto (Nov. 24 to Dec. 4)  Booth J19

Meet Christina Obuch
Hatchet Made Owner/ Designer

Christina currently works out of her Hatchet Made studio in Hamilton, Ontario.  

Hatchet Made is a textile studio that creates handmade production for home decor and accessories, in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was founded in 2012 to showcase the owners' unique findings, using aspects of nature as inspiration. Hatchet Made focuses on shapes, colours and textures when designing new collections using plant based/ solvent free materials. 

Christina gained her love for making from her family, learning knitting and sewing from her grandmother and mother. Her understanding of design was further enhanced through her grandfather who was a furniture designer and maker in Italy.

Visit Hatchet Made and shop Christina’s product line at the upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto (Nov. 24 to Dec. 4)  Booth Y11.


Meet Avril Loreti of  Modern Home ………

Toronto based Avril Loreti l Modern Home was established in 2007 and offers a beautiful collection of home decor and accessories for modern and artful living.

Avril’s use of bright and crisp color palettes, playful patterns, and modern design offer that extra bit of creative spark to your life and home.

Avril graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art and Art History and realized the dream of starting a small business. Avril Loreti | Modern Home melds her love for modern design, artistic exploration, and the desire to make art accessible to everyone on an everyday basis.

Visit Avril Loreti Modern Home and shop the product line at the upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto (Nov. 24 to Dec. 4)  Booth U29.